The Newest Business That You Need To Know About In San Francisco

San Francisco is a wild and happening place. The economy is always growing and many business owners are looking to put their trademarks on the area by opening new local businesses. These businesses are not only brining new and exciting job opportunities to the locals, but they are also offering good quality services and entertainment. You can find everything for video games rental to cake baking services. Even a well-known bed bug exterminator Philadelphia has open a local business in San Francisco that is flourishing.

Bobo’s Video Game And Movie Rental

With the Internet at everyone’s finger tips and various streaming sites not many people are looking to rent movies anymore. However, the owner of Bobo’s Video Game and Movie Rental has found a unique way to spice things up. He is offering his own online service where customers can visit his company’s website and rent movie right over the Internet for a fair price. The same thing applies to video games. You can keep the movie or game as long as you want, so that you get the full experience.

With that being said, this doesn’t mean that you can’t pay a visit to the local video shop and rent movies the old fashioned way. For those that are willing to stop by in person will be in for quite a surprise, because the store is decked out with several old arcade games and pool tables. Lots of the locals have a good time stopping by and enjoying a game of old time Donkey Kong or Pac Man.

Betsy’s Cake Baking Services

Betsy is a world famous cake maker that has created many luxurious cakes for celebrity events like weddings and parties. She has now opened a brand new branch in the San Francisco area that caters to all the local needs. If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by the local shop for a look at some of these works of art and free taste testing. Betsy believes in local values and while she is highly famous this doesn’t stop her from taking the time to cater to the little people.

Regardless of how big or how small your event is Betsy will create a cake that will match your special occasion. She is also very flexible on the price and designs. Her gifted staff will be able to create any 3D imagine or find any flavor of cake that you are looking for.